The First QCIM iPad mini winner

Congratulations to Ms.Ms. Arlen Bayoneta


Registered runners for the QCIM Night Run will automatically qualify for a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini.

This was announced by QCIM Night Run race director Jay Em, who added that there will be three chances to win the brand new tablets.

“The QCIM Night Run will be held this November 29, 2014. Between now and the date of the run, we will have three draws for the registered runners. It is our way of giving back to our loyal runners who have been with us since 2010 and rewarding newbies to the QCIM.”

The first draw for the iPad mini will be held on Oct. 20. While the second and third draws will be done on October 25 and October 30, respectively, Em said.

"Runners who registered the earliest—meaning: Those that registered on or before October 18 will qualify for all three draws. Those that registered on or before Oct. 23 will qualify for the Oct. 25th (second) draw, while those that registered on or before Oct. 28 will qualify for the Oct. 30 (third) draw," he explained.

Winner of the iPad Mini in the first draw will be announced on Oct. 20 via social media.

The QCIM is one of the most popular and well-patronized races in Quezon City. It is part of this year’s 75th anniversary celebration of Quezon City.